Shopping For Cruelty-Free Vegan Products

Most vegans hold the belief that other creatures shouldn’t have to suffer just so they can live. This means that vegans not only don’t eat meat, but they also generally don’t use products that include animal-derived ingredients or that are produced in a way that causes harm to animals.

Supporting the idea of a cruelty-free world involves far more than simply altering your diet. If you really want to minimize cruelty to animals, you also need to shop for other vegan products. Here are some of the different types of products that you may want to explore:

Hair, Skin And Beauty Products

Cosmetics, haircare products and skincare products are some of the worst offenders out there in terms of animal cruelty. Not only are these products often tested on animals before being approved for use on humans, but they may also contain animal-derived ingredients.

Shopping for vegan cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners, face washes and other hair and skin care products can help ensure that no animals are being harmed just so you can look nice. There are many different lines of vegan personal care products out there, making it easy to transition over to these cruelty-free products. By doing so, you can have the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that no animals had to suffer just so you could look your best.

Clothing And Shoes

Fashion is another area where animal products are commonly used. For instance, leather and fur are commonly seen in fashion magazines and on runways. Unfortunately, animals are killed every day just so that people can wear their fur and hides. What makes this particularly sad is that there are plenty of beautiful vegan alternatives available.

Vegan leather, for instance, is practically impossible to tell from the real thing, but doesn’t cause harm to any animals. That means that you can still get the high-fashion look of fur and leather, but you don’t need to worry about any animals being killed as a result.


Most people never realize that vitamins contain animal products. However, many vitamins and supplements on the market are made with ingredients that are derived from animals. If you are serious about going vegan, you should look for vitamins and supplements that clearly state that they are vegan on the label. This ensures that there are no animal products included in the ingredients.

Making the switch to vegan products can seem overwhelming at first. When you really start looking, it is amazing how many products either contain animal-derived ingredients or are tested on animals. Although it can take some time to find replacements for the non-vegan products that you currently use, in the end it will be worth it. Knowing that you are living your life in such a way that no other creatures on the planet have to suffer can be an extremely rewarding feeling. Living the vegan lifestyle is easy once you get the hang of it, and can make a real difference in the world.

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7 Easy To Prepare Vegan Snacks

Sticking to a restricted diet can prove to be a daunting task, what with all the constant temptation of sweets, chips and fast food. It’s tough to find something that can fill your stomach and feel good about eating it, too. But there are plenty of food choices out there that you can easily prepare for when hunger strikes. Read on and discover easy to prepare vegan snacks that not only satisfy your appetite, but provide nutritional needs at the same time.

1. Nuts

Nuts are the kings of all vegan snacks. Plenty of studies show that eating even a small handful each day can extend your lifespan. Many health experts also believe that eating nuts every day can enhance cognitive function. What’s great is that you can buy them in bulk, segregate them into their own containers, and enjoy munching on them for days.

2. Seaweed Snacks

As a vegan, it’s inevitable to struggle with that occasional craving for something salty. But who says you can’t enjoy a healthy dose of iodine when you’re on a vegan diet? You can buy seaweed snacks at your local grocery store to quell your cravings. They’re salty, crunchy and low in calories. What more can you ask for?

3. Nut Butter

Nut butters are not just tasty; they can be a lot of fun, too! Take your pick from peanut, almond or cashew. There are several brands that sell individual-sized packs. You can store them in your office drawer and they also help control your consumption. Spread them on fruits, crackers or whole wheat bread.

4. Garbanzo Beans

Want to get a huge protein boost? Then garbanzo beans are your best friend. You can prepare garbanzo beans in a variety of ways. If you’re in for some texture, try roasting a can of garbanzo beans and then season it to your liking. You can make several batches and store them in snack bags for some healthy travel munching.

5. No-bake Energy Balls

There’s nothing like popping an energy ball when you’re feeling exhausted in the middle of the day. You can make your own energy balls at home, and the best thing is that there’s no baking involved. All you need are almonds, peanut butter, oats and dark chocolate chips. Put them in the fridge and you’ll have delicious snacks for days.

6. Vegan Broth

Cup noodles are a huge no-no, but if you’re looking for an easy-to-prepare soup, there are healthy choices out there that only need the addition of hot water. Find a vegan broth or soup at your local grocery store. This is an excellent snack when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, as the broth can clear your airways and ease discomfort.

7. Bananas

If eating bananas are too boring, spice things up by stuffing them with your favorite trail mix. Chocolate chips, shredded coconut and even nut butters all make great additions to this tasty treat.

These vegan snacks are low in calories and only require a few minutes of your time to prepare. The best thing is that you can make several batches to save time. You can also add your own unique spins on the recipes to create your favorite hunger-suppressing snacks.

A Comprehensive List Of Vegan Foods

Whether you are just beginning to transition to a vegan diet or you have been eating that way for years, it can be hard to find a variety of foods that meet your needs. This is especially true if you do not know all of the options that are available to you. Read the article below to get a great list of vegan foods that you can make part of your diet today.

There are three categories of foods that vegans are usually looking for. First, they usually want to find foods that can stand in for meat for both the taste and health factors. Second, they are looking for ways to add flavor to vegetable dishes that they tend to steer towards. Finally, they are in need of foods that can meet the nutritional deficits that can come with abandoning all animal based products from their diet.

Again, whether you are knew to the game, or a veteran vegan, there are likely aspects in all three of the categories above that you would like to learn more about. The key is to find a large variety of foods that meet your needs so that you can accomplish all three of the above goals.

Fortunately, due to the increase in people that have turned to this lifestyle, there are a wealth of products that cater to meat alternatives. The down side to this is that most of these products are heavily processed, contain high levels of sodium and tend to really just be a form of vegan junk food. If you are just starting your transition they can be helpful to cure cravings for meat, but you definitely do not want to make them a staple of your diet.

There are healthier ways to replace the nutritional components that meats have to offer. Some of these include various nuts, tofurkey, field roast products, tofu of various forms, tempeh, seitan, beans, seeds, chickpeas and peanut butter. These options are high in protein and healthy fats and while some are processed, you can usually find natural versions that are far healthier than their counterparts.

Other foods can help with vitamin deficits as well. For example, nutrition yeast, which you can use as you would use Parmesan cheese, can help you to get B12 into your diet. Tomato sauces and pastes can increase your intake of iron and mushrooms can add calcium to your diet and give you the meaty texture that you might crave.

To add some flavor to your usual meals you can use maple and agave syrups, capers and coconut oil just to name a few. It is essential that you find flavors that work for you so that your diet does not become so boring that you turn back to your old ways.

Now that you have read the list of vegan foods above you likely have a better idea of how you can spice up your vegan diet and eat healthier. Put these tips to use and continue to search for more ideas so that you can make your diet something that you truly enjoy.